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The War

June 6, 2010
By Sealboy12 SILVER, South Bound Brook, New Jersey
Sealboy12 SILVER, South Bound Brook, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"If you're tired your wrong"-From my high school band director

What's a four letter word for how I feel?
Attacked on all sides, by all people.
The small solaces I used to seek have slipped away.
My mind has become a battlefield-
Myself the losing side.
My house turned into a strategic position. A key military stronghold-they've won it.
Bitter words dropped like bombs from high places.
I wish my allies would send in some help.
A weapon I could use-as destructive as their tactics against me.

What's a five letter word for how they act?
Under the guise of jokes. Under the guise of jokes.
My pillows serve as trenches that hold my tears.
I'm walking on eggshells but they're getting cracked
I've tried and I fell and I broke my back
And when I try to get back up they give me a whack.
They toss me back down

What's an eight letter word for how I feel?
I hate that I'm scared and scared that I hate.
Family should not be a foreign concept.
They need to work on their policy.
I'm searching for an exit strategy.
It's gotten past the point of simple peace talks.
The damage is done-the citadels crumbled.
Smoke and blood flow from campaigns still fresh.
Their flags waving high in victory
They think they've beat me.
They think I'm down for the count.
Well they better recount.

What's a seven letter word for how I feel?
For they may have won the battle, they may have won many battles...
But they haven't won the war.

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