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June 10, 2010
By kandace BRONZE, Winn, Michigan
kandace BRONZE, Winn, Michigan
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dont have one havnt found the perfect one yet

a band comes together and what do you hear. well the clarinets are very near. i hear trumpets fanfaring and trombones are blaring. The tuba it seems to bloom and starts to echo around this whole room. The sax's are slowing and the sweet flutes are flowing. Boom boom tap, tap tap boom it's easy to say that's the drums i assume. Then the band comes together, o how very clever! If one person is to fail then the whole band must suffer the fail. I am so lucky to have heard such a delightful sound, who knows when talent like this can agin be found.

The author's comments:
i think that when you listen to a sweet musical sound it sounds gorgeous to the ears so many different sounds that make one and i hope that's what poem has accomplished on sounding

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