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Racing Snails

June 27, 2010
By Matilda Jane A. PLATINUM, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
Matilda Jane A. PLATINUM, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
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Did you know
that I can count to three hundred.
My favorite color is all the ones you can't see
and my dad gets mad
when my hair is on my face.
I help him run a coffee shop
and the big kids that come in
always play games with me.
Once, there were these two girls
one tall one short,
and they drew all over the walls outside
with chalk.
And I watched them until I knew their names
and I sang them the songs I had heard playing
from all the shows at night.

I love to race snails.
In the garden by the shop
there are so many.
I get the big kids to help me catch them
and we have races around flower pots.
The boy whose hair is messy,
and his sweaters are soft like a bear
taught me how to make bets.
So now I always bet that
if my snails win,
they have to run all around main street
with all the snails on their hands.
But snails take a long time.
And my dad says that the snails like to stay
at home in the garden.

I plant new flowers everyday,
and I know that you have to take the whole roots
if you want the plant to grow.

Did you know
that my favorite animal is a giraffe,
because I want to be as tall as them when I grow up.

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