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Secret World

August 7, 2010
By saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
hate is easy. love takes courage.
the only reason in life is love.
i don't hate you i just strongly dislike you.
you're a great friend but if zombies chase us i'm so tripping you.
if i didn't have my friends, who would i be?

In the dark there is a secret world
where beauty is futile
charm is deceptive
and where fear is the power
in this world live dangerous things
not the creatures of make believe
but the things of darkness
and greed
in the dark there is a jungle
to trap you where you step
they want you to be part of them
to join their secret world
if they do not ask you
you will never know its there

in this secret world
live the many things unseen
the men that steal children away
the girls who are missing
the women that are corrupted
and the little boys that are lost
they live in this secret world
where they can thrive in peace
in a place where you cannot see

in this secret world
where darkness makes itself at home
there are more dangerous things
but i cannot tell you of them
for you see i am one of them
long ago i joined this world
before you were even born
i live my life in this secret world
and if you are not careful

one day...

you will join me

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