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Father May I

August 2, 2010
By Electricity PLATINUM, Bradenton, Florida
Electricity PLATINUM, Bradenton, Florida
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Father May I…
Run and leap to the sky’s vast blue memory
Where the reminiscence of all the dead souls wilt
Forever waiting for their answers asked many years ago.

Father May I…
Dream and Lampoon for the melancholy people
And lead them away from the Shadow of Life
Where dreams so dime, and nightmares bright.

Father May I…
Snivel and Smile under the blue-blood sky
As grief-stricken souls come soaring down
From the Heavens I belie.

Father May I…
Bid my adieus to the many ghosts who have lost their souls
They’ve played the Fool, and have condemned to their deaths
Deserting me to my morose tears I drown myself with.

Father May I…
Realize that I am one of the many threads in the Misery of Adolescence
Or do you wish for me to continue to display my mask of Strength
When the true color of my skin is Solitude.

Father May I…
Say 'hello' to your invisible ghost
Or do you wish to vanish from my memories
And pretend that you were never born

Father May I...
Believe that my life is only a dream, and when I wake up, I will be nothing more than a coffee stain on an old thick book.

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