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Why is the sky blue??

September 8, 2010
By Chica-de-sonrisas SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Chica-de-sonrisas SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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I was young
when I asked why the sky was blue
I was young
when my eyes were still huge,filled
with awe...
I was young
when my father sat me on his knee
when he read a story
to me
I was young
and back then I didnt know science
or truth
I just wanted to know why the sky
was the color
it was
I was young
when my father looked me in the eye
and said
Honey, the sky is blue because it holds the dreams
of youth
and sweetie, I know life will be hard
for you
it wont be easy
but I need you to know that no matter what makes you stumble,
forces you
to look down,
you can always take that dream that cannot be taken
from you
the sky is keeping it for you
until your ready
but remember
its always yours

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