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tears of faith

September 1, 2010
By llamachick PLATINUM, Seneca, South Carolina
llamachick PLATINUM, Seneca, South Carolina
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Tears Of Faith
As I watched you cry,
I sat and wondered,
Because I was to young,
To understand why,
Why my mother was crying,
Now I know though,
And I realize that each of those tears,
Where hope, faith, and love,
Spread across your wet face,
And I know that you will never be the same,
But I also know your okay now,
Or as okay as a parentless person can be,
And I don’t have those tears saved,
But they burn bright in my memory,
As they feel, big raindrops,
Drop, drop, drop,
Into my fathers comforting arms, my hopeful face, and those pew benches,
And those days dragged as my mother cried those tears of faith,
And I hope you never leave me,
In this big world,
But if you do,
I shall shed my tears of faith,
Then stand up,
And be okay,
Because that’s what my mothers tears of faith have taught me to do.

The author's comments:
i love my mother:)

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