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November 15, 2010
By powertree GOLD, Exmore, Virginia
powertree GOLD, Exmore, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

Courage does not need to travel in words.
Spellcheck varies in different worlds.
My interpretation is broken.
The language of love is unspoken.
However can be expressed with a mouth.
Letters in measures undeniable –
what is it all about?
Life is a racecar.
On a highway set apart
You never really know where you are.
Longitude and latitude
Depth or altitude.
Location is an abrasion.
Wounds in a dramatization.
Like this poem.
Meaningless thoughts for when
I feel lonesome.
You'll never know where you are.
Life is a racecar.
Up or down, ill or sane.
Either way you read it, it's always the same.
Love is unspoken;
The language is written in kisses.
The warmth for your heart is difficult to
remember when you're apart.
Courage does not travel in words,
But in a pair of eyes to keep me
moving forward.
That motivation is all I see.
All I believe.
For now my highways are clean.
No traffic jams.
But then again, I never really know where I am.

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