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Nobody But Me

November 15, 2010
By SyddTheKidd GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
SyddTheKidd GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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"There remains a conflict between past pain and future desire, but pain is swallowed by desire."

I'm my own best friend
and worst enemy
I build me up
I break me down
Nobody can love me
Until I love myself
Without me
I am nothing
I have nothing
I am the only one
That can save me from destruction
Only I can pick me up
When I let others
Get too close
and steal my light
Nobody but me
Its my choice
My joy
My acceptance
Nobody can have it
Until I give it
I'm the only one
That can take my smile away
I decide
Whether or not I let you
Affect me
I control my actions
Only me
Nobody but me

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