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November 29, 2010
By WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
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An idea
I need a
An idea
A wily bird that nobody has caged
But is recognized when
They hear its cry
Tingling down their spines

I need inspiration
A flash of light
Sudden striking
Till it blinds my vision
And yours too
Before it fades
I must capture it and
Release it to the unsuspecting world
Please listen when it drifts past your ear

I need power
Of the voice and of the pen
To make you shrink and tremble
Then grow and encompass my words
In your soul

I need silence
The quivering breaths
Tears creeping under you lashes
So many pieces of your heart
Broken then mended by
Your smile

I don't know what I am writing
But I know
I need

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