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I Am... Potential

January 13, 2011
By ElizabethBlack PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
ElizabethBlack PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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I am just a little flower, lost in a meadow. I am just a tiny pebble, surrounded by the sea. I am just a spark of light, but I am burning.
I am potential. Here I stand, at the threshold, full of life. I have power. I have spirit.
I am like a ripple in the river. But do I know this? How do I know where the ripple ends? How can I control the ripple? I can’t.
But every time, the splash grows larger.
I am a little flame. I dance, I sing. I am fragile, but yet I set forth into the world.
I am so many things. I am just a small building block in the world we are about to create. We are just at the beginning; a beginning that has begun over and over again. The world is forever being created. And it is being created now.
Should I stand on the diving board? Or should I leap?

The author's comments:
Will YOU leap?

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