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Ripples of a Pond

January 9, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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"Veni Vedi Vici"

Like the ripple in a pond
Life's mysteries go on and on
Starting out large and ending up small
But still never ending
Biting into your being
Snipping at your soul
Melding away your spirit
Yet the answers will not show
We hope for there simple coming
To make all life have sense
They hide away from even worthy eyes
Making even more questions grow intense
Until curiosity turns into resentment
Raw utter anger
And just to hide a mystery?
But then the ripple hits the end of the pond
And dissipates into oblivion
Then any and all questions should be answered
The one and simple main problem is
That the ponds edge even exists
It is yet another mystery
That will only be answered when our eyes and souls no longer see
When deaths cold doors are open
And we are welcomed in
Then all mysteries shall be answered
Or the edge of the pond shan't be

The author's comments:
I really hope everyone will understand the deep theological aspect and theme drilled into this poem.

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