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A Thousand Miles

January 24, 2011
By LyricalDisaster BRONZE, Greenbelt, Maryland
LyricalDisaster BRONZE, Greenbelt, Maryland
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Dear diary,

I have never felt this way,

But this feeling has compelled me to say,

That I am not what you see,

I’m more like a puzzle piece,

Just trying to fit in,

Trying to match colors with my kin,

Life hasn’t pleased me at all,

At every obstacle I fall,

Then I get up and run,

It’s hard carrying a world that weighs a ton,

I go as far as I can see,

Beyond what I even believe,

Every step takes me closer,

But in reality I’m just getting farther,

Farther away from where I want to be,

A thousand miles is difficult for me,

Walking this path alone is harder than I thought,

By the time I reach the end I will rot,

I still remember walking through here in peace,

With you holding my hand, the path seemed to decrease,

But now the color has faded away,

The beautiful things have all turned gray,

Except for the red rose that I still keep,

Even beneath the pillow on which I sleep,

These thousand miles are pretty long,

Though my legs will keep strong,

I’ll walk and walk till the end,

And when I see you standing there waiting for me, that’s when my heart will mend

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