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Princess Perfection

January 9, 2011
By CynthiaLynnILY PLATINUM, Moore, Oklahoma
CynthiaLynnILY PLATINUM, Moore, Oklahoma
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The beautiful princess,
Everyone thinks she is so perfect.
All they see is fake..
What the king wants them to see.
They don't know..
about the hard parts.
They haven't got a clue.
They don't realize the parts..
Or what she must do.
Her life is a puzzle.
If you give away one piece..
It's worthless..
Because eveyone can tell.
When something is missing.
The way the kingdom sees her..
Is an imaginary figure..
She feels pain.
And she suffers.
The only thing about the princess..
She is tougher.
But even princesses get thier..
Hearts broken.
And princess have secrets.

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