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You are my wish.

February 6, 2011
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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hey you, the girl with the looks
hey you, holding all those books
let me take those from your hands
none of these pages could make you understand
what i have yet to show you, my dear
but just give me some time, i swear ill make it clear
i just have to fight the world real quick, while i swallow my fear
maybe down a couple of beers, and steer clear of the monsters
i have my sword at my side, so no worries my love!
i have a world to brag to, once your mine
but for the time being your not, which is fine
it makes my days even brighter, and nights alone in bed even quieter
i'm missing a piece of myself that was never noticed before
neglected due to heart breaking blows to my chest
but after i will reach you, it'll even the score
so let me focus in on you and you on me
ill cover your ears and you cover mine, to help forget the rest
ill let nothing come between us but the breezes of the day
and moonlight from the night
but besides the beauty in the world, ill let nothing stand in our way
but for now, you keep to your books and ill sit around
this reward will be worth the wait, because you my girl are profound
youll keep my heart in your hands, head in the clouds, and feet on the ground
ill write down every word you write for now til you make a sound
and commit every word to my head by cute little whispers
with slow, soft kisses in between our embrace
this wait is killing me, but i love you
so ill count the days til i get to see your beautiful face

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