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Chess Piece

February 3, 2011
By WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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Innocent spark of a secret lover’s heart
It started with a blush which the tide did rush
Into a hurricane, fury’s name, lover’s pain
It’s just the name of the game

Whispers, caress, promises, and tresses
She finds a million reasons to express this
She needs him and wants him
To show her the world she cannot enter alone

She’s hopeful and naïve her heart’s like a sieve
It lets all her pain drain and become forgotten
Because he makes her feel alive and wanted
Slippery serpent’s lies do weave

Words etched in her skin so deep
The blood trickles out, black tears seep
Into her spirit, a broken spirit
How could she become a chess piece played?

Thoughts are murky, thick with fog
When she goes back to remembering the command
When he said jump she’d ask how high
When he said listen, she knew he would lie

Tattered reputation a severed metronome
It beats the past distorted and mute
He slid his hand like quicksilver down her back
Said goodbye, but he’d always come back

Love is a word said to the fools
Hate is a word for one who got fooled
He was the king, she his pawn
He played the move, she followed along

Eloquent, sophisticated, charismatic were his words
One favor, to show she loved him so
So her love was true, and just for him
A conscious of a virtuous man

Emotions that seeped into her heart
Dark and black thoughts she kept at bay
Would she abide to him, acquiesce to him
What would happen if she didn’t listen, didn’t obey?

He was the only one to call her the beautiful vision
She was his angel with the golden wings and shining halo
So with a smile, revealed, she gives in, she yields
Sends it along, he loved her she knew, but she was wrong

She was a tool for his pleasure
Her shame’s a scar on her face,
But the worst resides in her heart
The actions that can’t be deleted

The text she should have erased
The boy she should never have embraced
Her name forever disgraced
And she was soon replaced
The King took the pawn

The author's comments:
A story of a girl who believed in a boy's lies, and paid the price.
Hopefully this will make you think when your finger hovers over the send button.

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