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February 17, 2011
By BabyBlue04 BRONZE, Mauk, Georgia
BabyBlue04 BRONZE, Mauk, Georgia
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If you think I am quiet, then you are not good enough to hear my voice XD I was voted most quietest in my Senior Class. c/o 2012!! Woot woot!

I am hiding in my covers.
The door is shut, and I am
Drowning them out.
They are yelling again,
And I am scared.
They make me cry,
And I tell my brother its okay.
I hate when they
Yell. No physical pain
Come though.
They always yell.
They can never get along,
When he comes over.

The author's comments:
It is my childhood. My Grandma never could get along with my dad, whenever he came over. I lived with my Grandma, because my parents weren't fit to take care of me or my brother.

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