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Bare Hands

February 20, 2011
By Dallywood45 SILVER, Miles, Texas
Dallywood45 SILVER, Miles, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is nothing but the echo of joy disappearing into the deep chasm of misery."

Scared are those who cry,
Noticed by no one,
Lost are those who scream,
Pleading for their chance to die,
For those who can not be cured,
Death is not feared,
Ironic times are here.
More are on their way,
Bleeding is for the weak,
Strength is rewarded with quicker death,
You are utterly alone,
Knifes and guns and ropes were taken,
Along with your clothes,
Left with nothing but bare hands,
Your mental strength is critical,
Pain tolerance is a must,
Locked in a cell,
Metal and rock binds you,
Men of flesh tortures you,
Threatening you with longer suffering,
Your insanity increases,
No longer able to take it,
Your bare hands become your rope,
Securing around flesh,
Blocking the air,
Metal strength comes to use,
Little by little your senses shut down,
Slipping away unnoticed,
Thanks to your bare hands,
You are free.

The author's comments:
Sometimes life is hard. Expressing myself through my poetry helps. I know I have it easy compared to others but, sometimes that is hard to remember.

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