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February 17, 2011
By xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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"You're like a bassist. You do a lot and no one seems to notice, until you stop."

Once again, sitting in this same old desk
My mind goes blank
I know I just failed that test
There goes my class rank
I don't know why this is all so hard
I try and try
My mind is so dry
I studied, I know I did
But tough luck now
You ruined it, kid
I still can't imagine how
I sit here and sit
Watch everyone solve their equations
My brain needs a personal first aid kit
Too many complications
Too many numbers and X, Y, Z's
Why don’t you help me, please
If math was as easy to me as it is to express myself
Einstein would be impressed himself
Click, click, click
They type away at their problems
Solving them as the clock ticks
What if life was so easy,
Every problem solved, just at the push of a button
That sounds so cheesy
But what if it was truly possible, this contraption
Able to solve your problems
No more writer's block
No more sickness
No longer being afraid of the dark
No more weakness
No more hate
No more fights
No longer being late
No more delayed flights
Only bliss
Only truly being content
Feeling this
All of my money on this would be spent
Once again I seem to have gone off topic
My mind wanders on its own
There it is another CLICK
What stupidity have I shown
I can't solve a simple equation
What a complication
Everyone understands but me
My mind wanders free
I can't pay attention in this class
No wonder I can't pass
Too much going on
Not enough going in
So I must bid you farewell
A story I did tell
Now it's back time to get to the next class
I have to be fast

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