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Darling, It's snowing tonight

March 3, 2011
By JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Push away the curtain on the window and see a precious sight.
Darling, it’s snowing tonight.

The fireplace compliments your eyes in glowing reflection.
W e stand at the window watching the snow fall down in such a quiet kind of perfection.

Wonderful, flawless sight.
Darling, it’s snowing tonight.

Stand by me and watch the snow fall down.
Invisible piano tones dance with the crackling fire.
Walk with me to the empty town.

Down the street we walk.
A word never spoken.
We let the sound of winter talk.

A graceful sight.
Darling, it’s snowing tonight.

Hear the quiet now.
Look at the empty streets.
Take my hand.
It’s yours to keep.

I see the footprints where we have been.
You see the fresh snow where we will go.
I’ll keep you warm on this walk.
Let the snow talk.

Hold my arm with mittens covered in bits of snow.
Take my coat if winter’s breath becomes too bold.

Pure and clean is the sight.
Darling, it’s snowing tonight.

Stop under this streetlight.
Never let the glow it creates in your eyes fade.
Remember what this perfect snow made.

Look me in the eyes.
You already are.

When walking in the snow.
I’m next to you.
Never far.

Walk on the fresh snow with me forever.

Perfect and true is the sight.
Darling, it’s snowing tonight.

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