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Sweet and Self-Obsessive Love

April 9, 2011
By Come-n-Gone GOLD, Unionville, Missouri
Come-n-Gone GOLD, Unionville, Missouri
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Isn't it funny how it only takes a few seconds to say hi, but forever to say goodbye?

You cry while he sings her to sleep. You dream while he talks to her. You think of ways to talk to him while he tells her how much he hates you. You fell in love with a cheater and now you can’t leave him. He’s so many words all in one. He’s worthless, cheating, idiotic, mean, angry, self-obsessive, touchy, picky, ignorer, and sweet. He’s also nice at times, caring, loving, and a good anti-depressant. He chose her over you but you know the truth. He picked you at first and he left her. She begged and begged for him to come back, and he always said no. He also said he’d always love you so. He kissed you at night, kissed you in the rain, and kissed you to make you not sad anymore. He’s a nice, self-obsessive, sweet, worthless, caring, touchy, loving, picky, and sweet guy. He’s so many things wrapped in one. But your feelings for him have never gone. He says he loves her, but is it true? Because in the beginning, it was him and you.

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