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March 27, 2011
By UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
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Remember who you said you were

Remember what I thought you’d be
Remember when I told you that I loved you
Remember where you said you’d be
Remember why you thought you’d make me cry
Remember how I was horribly deceived
Remember who I thought that we could be
Remember what you meant to me
Remember when she came into the picture
Remember where I saw you love another
Remember how you lied so honestly
Remember why I chose to believe
Remember now, how she wasn’t worth it
Remember now, how I loved so innocently
Remember you,
Remember me,
Remember love

The author's comments:
So just another thing I wrote, My mom loves it, I don't really know.

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