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Charm The Lady

April 25, 2011
By Boosflash DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
Boosflash DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
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Get, Got, Gotten.

At long last, a night to us my dear,
a time of love if that is, if that is,
what any sound minded individual may dare call it.
Such a pause, an invitation of silence,
you must be expecting a compliment or something.
Am I really to extol you this evening?
Darling, your hair smells of mucus
and some foreign substance
of which there is no naming.
And that dress is rather loud of you.
perhaps you could turn it down a notch,
it just so happens I'm already hard of hearing
In speaking of impairment of the senses-
I was nearly blinded by those ridiculous braces of yours
you should try a tad bit harder,
maybe you'll get it next time.
Those ruffles remind me of some unsightly
man-eating prehistoric flower,
that I am unwilling to fetch water for.
I do love your hair,such a vivid outstanding red,
like the spaghetti my mother is refusing to clean
from my recently cleaned newly waxed imported tile floor.
( in maybe less of a regurgitated fashion).
..I'm assuming you would not at all be willing to help with that.

I hope you weren't going to tell me you love me,
as I mentioned earlier I'm hard of hearing.

The author's comments:
I drafted this sucker up on some good o'l descent college ruled paper. Finalized it months later. The title is sarcastic, since this obviously isnt a method that should be used for charming anyone.please do commentate. I am in needment of the feedbackam.

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on Jun. 1 2011 at 5:19 pm
Boosflash DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
55 articles 0 photos 2066 comments

Favorite Quote:
Get, Got, Gotten.

you're awesome captain, and so poetic. you should put that into a poem, and thank you so much for the input. i'm glad you got something out of it. fait ta danse captain, fait ta danse.

on Jun. 1 2011 at 5:40 am
trapped-in-a-broken-wonderland PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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love in it'a essence is just spiritual fire

again, amazing job!!! =D i love the sarcastic-y tone of the entire thing (i myself am a sarcastic person, so it was fun to read), the guy sounds like he's a little bit of a snob, and the girl sounds like she tries to hard to try to be what others want of her........ i think we've all been in similar situations (or will be at some point in time) where someone tries to hard to give u what u think u want, and we get all bitter/ sarcastic about it cuz it's not what we want..... anyway amazing job five (million) stars! (make yourself a constellation)