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What I Love

May 17, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Veni Vedi Vici"

I love when harsh winds wrestle trees
I love when dark clouds swirl throughout the earth
I love when the earth becomes silent-if only for a second
I love when salty steeds embrace sandy shores
I love when peace eases my soul and calms me
I love when complex concepts work their way into simplicity
I love joyous ideas
Thoughts such as love at first sight
I love beginnings and as their counterparts I love the endings
I love the space in between to grow and thrive
I love the sounds of the rain pounding amidst the earth
I love the gentle forest breezes issuing silence and at the same time sound to the world
I love the mighty tall trees and the gentle swirling brooks
I love the graceful hills and the rolling thunder
I love the silence and stillness to snow
But most of all and of utterly the foremost of importance
I love the love I have for these things
I love the ability to recognize them for what they are and embrace their beauty
What I truly love above all other things in this world
Is none other then love itself
What I love is the love that I can hold
For without it I could not love these things
But with it I can love all
But what I or We should never forget is
That we must hold this in priority above all other things
To truly love anything in this world
We all must first love love itself
Otherwise we are fools
Only brushing on the surface of what true love can hold
For to be able to hold such a capacity for love
Must we not love this ability first
This love is our love for all things so in loving this love we are still holding dear what we already feel
But we always must embrace this concept
True love is love's loving core
Now hold this idea
For it will help in years to come
When all other loves have been broken
Be glad to have ever had love allow love to begin with
Never forget to utterly silently and simply
Love love with and within itself

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