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June 4, 2011
By LivEvil BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
LivEvil BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
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a mirror in a glass room
reflection shows no ties
the world around a lie
inside i see a woman who only knows fear

the world is scarce of truth
evil is of her descent
she whispers her words to me
bitter-sweet victory

“seven letters is all it takes,
to shun the fear from its wake
R- for the reasons
E- for the entities
V- for the victory
E- for the endurance
N- for the neglect
G- for the gain
E- for the evil
all so bitter-sweet”

temptress she was
as she called out to me so
the truth she twist to her own gain
and trapped i was in her game

with a flick of her finger the scene had changed
from that of the glass room to ocean waves
but yet there the mirror remains
and yet there the temptress plays

with her hands the waves carry me deep
down to where darkness sleeps
this shadowed land covers me
this the place of all my dreams

i wish so now to cry
but in the mirror tis not the temptress but i
goes she now to cause havoc to the land
so now i’ll dream in my sleepland

i open my eyes to reality
still the temptress doth haunt me
when shall i ever be free
only now i dare to dream

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