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What will Nichole do?

July 12, 2011
By Anshika GOLD, Dubai, Other
Anshika GOLD, Dubai, Other
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What will Nichole do?

To some she is moonlight, to some she is sunshine,
Truly a complex intertwine.
Nichole’s in a fix,
She sings one song but means the other
She hears the other but misses yet another.
Nichole’s heart has been fractioned,
Not many know how that happened,
Not Nichole herself for sure,
In search of love, pristine & pure.

In three different mirrors she sees her reflection
All of ‘em starkly different, yet her own
Which one should she adorn?
Is Nichole’s question unanswered, unknown.

Brian is intense and bawdy, exactly like Nichole
In him she has found her missing jigsaw.
Profound and impassioned,
Someone who gets her sense of fashion.
She plays with words, he gets that too,
He fancies her, Nichole has a clue.
She would never go for him. Or so she thought.
‘Cz not an Adonis, but still very well wrought.
A new desire, he sets her heart afire.
His depraved sense of humor when Nichole sees
She thinks ‘Gracious, That’s an erased part of me!’

Neil’s got a captivating charm, exactly like Nichole
His dreamy sense of romance entices her
Her encryptions he could closely decipher.
Like zephyr his words caresses Nichole
Could he be the one for her soul?
With him she’s a nymph descending from stars.
What if the glitter is dust?
What if the breeze invites lust?
His sugary candy persona when Nichole sees
She thinks ‘Gracious, could that be actually meant for me!’

Tim, Jake, Mark and many fancy Nichole
But over her stallion of a soul none could gain control.
Nichole knows that; so she just looks away
Awaiting her Adonis to show up someday.

Yet her ego forbids her to dream again,
Dreams that have already been lived with eyes open,
Nights those have already been regretted,
And days that are being stealthily dreaded.

These arise from her first tryst with love, now wilting.
Dying a macabre death in the hands of Distance,
Impositions, indifference and ignorance.
Nichole wistfully awaits her Dan to come back,
The first mirror in which she saw her reflection,
Placid, composed, ambitious, exactly like Nichole.
Her every moment he infused with sheer bliss
Never did she know that today it all would be amiss.
A stubborn mist coats her first mirror
Nichole can’t see Dan or her own self,
Should one of Neil or Brian be her new pillar?
If one of them, then whom should it be?
That looking at who Nichole could say ‘Aah! He’s the one for me.’

Now it’s her forbearance vs. her forbidden temptations
Both being her own figments,
Stemming from her anticipation for Adonis
Was it Dan or would it be Neil or Brian?
Or is He yet to arrive bringing her an eternity kiss?

What will Nichole do?
She is in a fix.

The author's comments:
i feel a lot of girls would connect with a situation like this where hopes of old love rewiving prevents one from going for a new one. Also the added confusion of whom to pick makes the situation all the more difficult to handle at a young age...

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on Aug. 14 2011 at 5:36 am
Saffron_tides GOLD, Dubai, Other
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It will not last the night;
But Ah! my foes and Oh! my friends it gives a lovely light.

Love the ballad like storyline :)

'forebearance vs. her forbidence'

CUTE! for me its 'forebearence vs. oppression' if you know what I mean ;)