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For Once

July 31, 2011
By CharlesHines401 GOLD, Brandon, Florida
CharlesHines401 GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Measure your life in love." Johnathan Larson

"Put Crisco on them problems and see how easy they slide away." Blu Bailey

"Tears don't mean you're losing. Everybody's bruising. There's nothing wrong with who you are" Jessie J.

For once I'd bored myself with the constant "love poems", "love stories", "loves notes". It was all bullsh*t.

For once I didn't feel like sitting and telling people the obvious fact that love was bullsh*t.

For once I wasn't in love, searching for it, or recovering from it.

Everyone wants a happy ending but they also want reality cuz they watch the news and know that endings aren't always happy.

For once I wanted to reach everyone, show diversity...

For once I want to figure out a way to make everyone shut up and listen.

For once I want to feel and see my emotions shared with those who try to pretend they don't have any.

I'm not looking for tears or to be elected president.

I don't the "pretty girl" in the back to leave her boyfriend cuz I wrote something that made her feel?

For once can we not be different? Not "world peace" that's unlikely; let it go beauty pageant girls.

For once I want the jerks to wake up. I want those cliques, the ones we see on tv and pretend are fake, to listen up.

We don't have to get married, hold hands, sing harmonies; none of that Disney "we can change the world" stuff.

For once I just want us all to admit we're human. We hurt, we do love, and sometimes reenact Jackass.

That if the world has to be divided it's because we choose to and not because "world peace" is a state not worth reaching for.

For once could we stop comparing people to ourselves or anyone else?

No one's happy all the time and even when you're not everyone doesn't want to carry your stuff they havee theirs.

For once can we stop looking for pity, reactions, or love... Life's not a movie and sometimes no one's watching or no one cares and you havee to help yourself.

Still for once can we all not be "metal earning warriors" and let people who care help... it's not always who you want but you'd be surprised.

For once look REALLY look, listen REALLY listen.

Is your world the only one you experience?

And for once I want to know when to end a poem. People can only listen and read so much.

Also my head can only stare down to write for so long, but at 5:47am what else is there to do?

For once I think I'll fall asleep to Demi Lovato...

If I can put the pen down.

And for once I think I'll end something with the crappy Hallmark



The author's comments:
This is a different style of writing. It's more raw. Hope you like it...

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