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Touched By the Hands of an Angel

August 4, 2011
By Anna96 PLATINUM, Appleton, Wisconsin
Anna96 PLATINUM, Appleton, Wisconsin
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Awoken by the sound of an alarm

'Daddy is that you? What's wrong?'

A glow appeared on the foot of the bed

An angel with his face.

He laid his hand upon mine.

'It will all be alright. Don't you

Worry my dear. It will all be fine.'

He gave me that wink of his.

'I miss you so much daddy,

I never wanted you to leave. It hurts so

Much when you're not here. All I want

Is that you would come back.'

'Honey, please don't shead a tear,

My time here is done, I hope you understand.'

He moved his hand and the glow started to disappear.

'Daddy, Please don't go.'

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