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I Think I'm so Religious

August 20, 2011
By custosimago DIAMOND, Kensington, Maryland
custosimago DIAMOND, Kensington, Maryland
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i think I'm so religious because i like knowing
that some one is always listening,
that some one always cares that i did something right,
that some one always believes i did something right,
that when i close my eyes some one sees what i see,
that some one dreams about innocence like i do.
that when I'm on my knees some one isn't mocking me,
but holding my hands as i hold my own hands and is
pulling me up higher than this man-made rooftop of
questionable accomplishments of the architecture
that writes the laws of the physics that restrain us from
swI'mming through white clouds on a summer night could go.
i think I'm so religious because i hope that hope exists
and can one day come and tell me i was right to begin with 
even though He was the only who believed me
because He could see what i could I'magine for this world
which was beyond anything man could do 
because it wasn't man who I'magined it,
but He who closed His eyes and looked through my mind
and watched the romantic comedies that i show on a daily basis
on the 3D screen of my eyelids;
please, do not add your own soundtrack, 
turn off your cellphones and shut your mouths
because I'm trying to hear HI'm tell me a story
about me bringing all that i can I'magine into reality
because reality is that He can help me if i only ask.
i think i am so religious because i am only a kid
who likes parables about anI'mals and plants
because anI'mals and plants can't lie
but get to see the world as it is,
and when doves and sunflowers close their eyes
they watch the movie that He shows constantly
with the uninterrupted soundtrack of his voice
rippling through His open creation of air.
i think i am so religious because religion is a way of life,
a journey that ends at the start with everything in between,
because from ashes i was born; to ashes i shall return.

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