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Calm after the storm

August 21, 2011
By MarineGirl111075 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
MarineGirl111075 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
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It came from deep within.
Penetrating my every defense i couldn't win.
It consumed me, taking over completely.
It held my broken heart and taped it neatly.
But this feeling like so many others had a deadline.
As the hours sped by i knew he would never truly be mine.
So many lonely days passed.
So much that the warmness in my heart didn't last.
Without that warmness i felt hopeless and dead.
The voices returned leaving me nothing but seas of red.
Piercing through the thoughts in my mind her voice chocked me.
Endless and penetrating her words pulled me deeper into that red sea.
Desperate i seek out his help, his voice, his words, his distraction to my mind.
But no matter how hard i pleaded in silent agony no message came and no call arouse his promise was left behind.
Drained by hurt and taunted by the voices in my head i fell.
"if he could break his promise then why shouldn't you?" the voices chuckled, defenseless i couldn't rebel.
I was going to give into that smooth,thin silver demon.
But then i heard him pleading for me to stop as if he were the voice of reason.
Tears filled my eyes as i remember what he had promised me.
"I'll always be there for you to help you through anything. I'll always be bu your side because we're in this together. I love you babe....always"
The pain consumed me and that sea of red devoured me. LIAR! i thought, but my heart didn't agree.
I threw my blade away, i would keep my promise no matter the pain.
But for how long the voices teased how much pain can you truly retain?
Squeezing my eyes shut i covered my ears and willed the voices away.
I love him i cried, to hell with fate! I will always love him no matter what others say.
Now stronger i stand as my feelings return.
I can do this, i can make it through this hell let every other insecurity and opinion burn!
I will fight for the love i have for him, and for everything i feel.
She cant control me anymore, i wont let her have my feelings that she can never steal.
Truly loving him is what i fear.
But i can overcome anything as long as hes near.
"I love you babe...always"

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