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But Then She Woke Up

September 8, 2011
By xOutOfTheShadowsX SILVER, Lindenhurst, New York
xOutOfTheShadowsX SILVER, Lindenhurst, New York
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But then she woke up
and nothing seemed so perfect anymore
Realizing she was living in the stories
Out of the book her mother reads to her
Like Cinderella's prince charming
He was everything she wished for
Tossing pennies in her fictional wishing well
Wanted to sleep all day and
would await for him by night fall
Then maybe he would take her home from the dungeon
Maybe even save her from the fire breathing dragon
just as it was about to end her life
Then they'd ride off into her fairytale sunset
on his trusted steed
There wouldn't be any problems and
the only thing she'd want would be him
The "loser" would have the one thing she wanted
They would have a million dollar wedding
that the whole town would want to see
Their parents would watch with tears in their eyes
But then...
She woke up

The author's comments:
Fairytales... not very close to life.

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