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When im with you.

September 1, 2011
By MarineGirl111075 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
MarineGirl111075 SILVER, Lakeland, Florida
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When I’m with you the world fades away.
When you’re gone my heart begins to decay.
When I’m with you my life has meaning.
When you’re gone I’m so empty I feel like screaming.
When you’re with me I sleep without any fears.
When you’re gone I suppress all my tears.
When I’m with you ill make every moment count.
But I miss you whenever you’re not around.
It’s my fault you’re gone so I scream without a sound.
Instead of holding you I was holding out.
My fear of loving you left me with self doubt.
Your friends are telling you to start moving on.
Please turn around I’ve loved you for far too long.
I won’t let you go, I need a second chance.
I need you by my side, my love is my only evidence.
I loved you then and I love you now.
To go on I just don’t know how….

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