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I am bright and loving

October 6, 2011
the-tears-im-crying-dont-deserve-you PLATINUM, Batesville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
love comes and goes,
just like the watter flows

I am bright and loving
I wonder what lies beneath the skin
I hear the sky
I see animals in the night
I want a friend
I am bright and loving
I pretend to be happy
I feel the wonder of others
I worry about the future
I cry for the past
I am bright and loving
I under stand that I cannot change the past
I say anything can happen
I dream of being perfect
I try to make it to my goals
I hope that I can see my potentials
I am bright and loving

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on Dec. 7 2011 at 8:48 pm
Labradorian PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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A very interesting poem. I thought that the repitition on the phrase 'I am bright and loving' helped the flow and rythym of the poem. I loved reading it although I'm still not positive what you were trying to express. It requires a lot of interpritation. (Not a good or bad thing, just an observation)