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The Meaning of Diversity

October 3, 2011
By jaymishae SILVER, Jonesboro, Arkansas
jaymishae SILVER, Jonesboro, Arkansas
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Diversity means an assortment.
An assortment of people,
Of backgrounds and of beliefs,
Coming together as one.

Diversity means a variety.
A variety of ideas,
Of thoughts and of actions,
Coming together for each other.

Diversity means a distinction.
A distinction in appearance,
In heart and in mind,
Coming together to experience each other.

Diversity means a medley.
A medley of people,
A hodgepodge of beliefs,
Coming together to better each other.

Diversity means forgetting.
Forgetting the things that separate,
That break apart and destroy,
That distract from what is important.

Diversity means remembering.
Remembering what is important
And the fabric
That the world’s patchwork is made of.

Because diversity is unity.
The uniting of people
To form a society
As amazing as each individual.

Because diversity is togetherness.
Being together in a community
And living in harmony
Putting our differences aside.

Because diversity is alliance.
Coming together to accomplish something
That is impossible alone,
Without each other.

Because diversity is a combination
Of people and ideas
All together in the world
Living at peace.

The author's comments:
This is a poem that I entered into the PTA Reflections contest recently and I hope I make it to the national level. Wish me luck!

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