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I Want

October 5, 2011
By custosimago DIAMOND, Kensington, Maryland
custosimago DIAMOND, Kensington, Maryland
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Hell is going through Life without knowing Love

I want to fill these empty seats in this silent theatre
With clapping fans screaming my name at the end
Of every poem, every emotion, every turn of phrase,
Filled with people who all know my name, my work,
With people who don't think I'm completely insane,
But see who I am through my own point of view
Which is one that fits somewhere beyond the norm,
Like how everyone actually thinks but hides it.
I want people to cry along with my tears,
Smile with my innocence, laugh with my corks.
I want lights to burn down on me, glaring my eyes;
I don't want to see people's faces beyond the first row,
I just want how know they respond with their souls,
How they take in my truths, scarred with lies.
I want to tell hundreds of secrets that I keep from
My closest friends, and admit the lies I told my sisters.
I want everyone in the room to be my instant friend,
Because there are some things you can't share,
Good or bad, that the other can't help but love you for.
And then I want bigger lights, and bigger crowds,
And I will write longer poems with harder sounds,
And my crowd of hundreds became thousands.
I want to spend the summer making a million friends,
I want to add them all on facebook and share my soul,
And I want their souls too; I want their sins, their lies.
Is it too much to ask for, to want to go to India,
And have no one translate what I'm screaming
And have everyone understand exactly what I said?
Do souls even have different languages?
I want to hold hands with a woman from Pakistan
And in my other, squeeze the hand of a man from Israel,
Taking in their individual love, collecting ever drop of it,
Marinate in its own religion, and then pass it along,
From Pakistan to Israel, love doesn’t know boarders,
Only the feeling of lacing its own fingers into itself,
Tying the shoes of understanding so the world can
Finally move forward, maybe even skip a little.
I want to skip with my audiences, every one of them.
I want to skip with the world, everyone in it.
Fill these empty seats and turn on the lights,
I’ve got emotions to relay and emotions to take in.
Is it too much to ask for to share myself with the world?
Not even close.

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