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The City.

October 16, 2011
By summerqdp GOLD, Dana Point, California
summerqdp GOLD, Dana Point, California
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"A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better."
"Then he put on forty-two and a half tabs of brown acid that he still had from his Woodstock days. She saw all kinds of colors. Lemon yellow, orange orange, cherry red, kaleidoscope eyes. The world was on fire."

Sitting on Top Of the World,
watching the City breathe.
As the flashing lights exhale
and the oxygen slowly leaves.

Cars run like blood,
flowing into cement veins
moving back and forth,
shifting from lane to lane.

Buildings rise up,
like arms from a man
that disappear away
into flesh made of land.

Trees sprawl out,
into disordered hair
a product of the mess
from the conatminated air.

Streetlights burn,
and turn into biting eyes
fixated in the night
reverberating off the skies.

The City exhales again
leaving the day unfurled,
inhaling and trembling
as we breathe as one world.

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