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For You

November 1, 2011
By E.Lee GOLD, Akron, Ohio
E.Lee GOLD, Akron, Ohio
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You gave me these wings hidden
Underneath my skin that only break free
On your command.

They protrude from my spine,
Running the base of my neck to lower torso.
Made by your words, and weaved by your touch
They stretch toward horizon,
And you give them the courage to fly there,
Believing that they’ll carry me.

You placed the shoes in my heart that would
Walk across deserts
To find yours.

You complete every unfinished detail, and
You make cloud nine seem so much less desired
As you’ve got me feeling ways that could
Only be felt beyond the moon.
Out of this world.

You make me smile. :)
Broad and toothy.
Pure bliss.

Your words carry so much weight, and
I never forget what you say.
The secrets that we share lie in my tiny dimples
And take up residence,
Occasionally vacationing to the front of my mind
Causing the monarchs to take flight
In the pit of my gut.

They caress your broad shoulders
And slither down to your hips,
Making note of each muscle and
The texture of your skin.

Then you whisper in my ear
As you pull me in
And I taste the familiar rhythm of
Our hearts on your lips.

See, we devour the beats and let the
World rock us to sleep.
They say love is blind.
Well then pluck my eyes so I see no more,
But the rims of my rose colored glasses.

I may be blind but I still have a voice…
And my heart screams out loud
But it’s muted by the rest of me
This chest of mine,
These heaves and drags
Of air trying to suffice for
The love I’m stuck lacking.

Every night I meet you
On the thin line between reality and
Pure insanity.
My dreams.

And we dance delicately on the
Edge of what we want and
Where we’ll get if we are patient.

But I’ll get to you quickly.
I have to.

You gave me these wings hidden
Underneath my skin that only break free
On your command.

And I love it.

The author's comments:
For You. :)

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