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A Plight to Save the World

November 4, 2011
By BrokenTogether GOLD, Saraland, Alabama
BrokenTogether GOLD, Saraland, Alabama
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The blood in my veins
Pulsing. Surging
With every heartbeat
Prick my fingers
And watch it drain
Upward to the skies
Until it rains
And hear the cries
The dry earth
Starving for humanity
Opens its pores and drinks my blood.
Draining me till I am no more
So when you break the skin of the earth
And get deep into it’s flesh
You’ll see
The blood from my veins
Pulsing. Surging.
With every gasp our mother takes
My blood.
Red. Glowing.
Feeding you
Her children
Milking her of life
While entities like me
Breathe the vivacity back into her
Too slowly
For you, her children
Feed on your mother
Satiating yourselves
And starving her.
Until our efforts are futile
And we all end
Taking our mother down with us.
Death for all

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