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So Distant

November 10, 2011
By FallenAngel2012 GOLD, Decherd, Tennessee
FallenAngel2012 GOLD, Decherd, Tennessee
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The pain of scars lives forever

With just one drop of blood

Our bodies surrender

They fall to the ground, hopeless and weak

Watching every slice and cut, deafeated

... Not even feeling the pain anymore

Like a mistake waiting to be deleted

Feeling useless and unimportant

Always being the one cheated

Everyone has become a threat

In no way are we safe anymore

Just because we are who we are

We're stuck in this Gosh dang useless war

No many how many times we cry out

Its all the same as before

Its impossible to be different

When your labeled

By the ignorant

With no hope of acceptance

And you wonder why we're so distant


The author's comments:
Ive been called many names and i hear about all these kids killing themselves because they were bullied. well i know a bunch of kids who have "fallen" for our "cause" and this is about us being distant from everyone else becase of it.

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