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Broken Glass Slipper

October 24, 2011
By Ezzallenne PLATINUM, Austell, Georgia
Ezzallenne PLATINUM, Austell, Georgia
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"Fall down seven times; stand up eight."

As you hold me, you whisper that you wish I could stay.
But the hands of time keep ticking and soon I'll have to walk away.
The clock is nearing 12 o’clock; do you know what that means?
I'm Cinderella; and If you dare to be my Prince charming...
At midnight, I'll run and it’s up to you to chase after me.
You'll find my glass slipper at the bottom of the staircase.
I warn you, it may be broken; some pieces may be out of place.
If you expect to find me, be very careful with the shards of glass then;
Do it perfectly or it's very possible you will never find me again.
Haven't you heard? If we want to make it last like in the fairytales...
We have to follow by the book and do exactly as it tells.
I have to be a damsel in distress and you have to rescue me.
Or I'll be locked in a castle and you'll have to come and set me free.
Perhaps I'll need your kiss to wake me up from a deep sleep.
But if that is too much work and you think you might get cold feet,
We can create our own story that others can attempt to repeat.
Let's think outside of this stupid box and color outside of the lines.
We can find our own path to happiness and ignore all of the signs.
They're not there to help us; they were put there to misguide.
The world may be against us but we've got Love on our side.
And regardless of all the stories of Love and how it doesn't last...
We can break the mold; and create a whole new cast.

The author's comments:
You shouldn't always go by the book and follow by every single rule. Create your own path to happiness :)

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