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that's just me

January 9, 2012
By Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
live today as if it was your last with every possible moment, and
live it up, drink it down, party hard

s(he's) br(ok)en, s(he) be(lie)ve(d)...
everyone has there ups and downs
and everyone trys to think there something there not
everyone yes including you reading this onces in time u did...
like girls beliving there princes
and men thinkin there power rangers things like that
but thts the fun in the word kid...
everyone asks me why do i act young?
bc im 16 and got my youth
'and i wanna live it til i can't no more
i wanna party run streets at 2am
hang with friends
cry on my dudes
b**** people out
speak words i dont no start drama becuz im jelous and much more...
live your life up dont suck the fun outta it you got one to live..

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