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In A World

January 11, 2012
By Zachary12220 GOLD, Hamburg, New York
Zachary12220 GOLD, Hamburg, New York
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In a world where opinions are wealth,

Everyone has a mind, and everyone is rich.

In a world where everyone is rich,

No-one has a mind.

Everyone is frail and lazy.

In a world without opinions,

Everyone keeps to themselves, and flaws are hidden.

In a world where flaws are hidden,

No-one speaks.

Everyone is primal and everything is broken.

In a world where government is absolute,

There is no privacy, but everyone is defended.

In a world where there is no privacy.

No-one is happy.

Everyone is paranoid and fearful.

In a world without government,

Everyone is free, and everyone is happy.

In a world where freedom is all we know,

No-one is shackled.

Everyone is trying to steal that from us.

In a world without music,

Everyone is monotone, and life has no voice.

In a world without a voice,

No-one is together.

Everyone is alone, yet constantly searching.

In a world without words,

Everyone is quiet, and everything is simple.

In a world of simplicity,

No-one is unequal.

Everyone loves, but we are asinine.

We do not see what goes on.

If our world was without opinion,

Nothing would get accomplished,

And society would die.

If our world was without government,

We would crumble,

And society world die.

If our world was without music,

There would be hatred with no outlet,

And society would die.

If our world was without words,

We'd be taken advantage of,

And society would die.

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