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My Ear

January 23, 2012
By Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
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Pressures piling
Commitments loading
Feeling like the whole worlds closing

I’ve realised I can’t do it all by myself
Who was I kidding?
I shoulda thought this through
But its impossible to make a plan for life

Shoulda coulda woulda
These words will haunt you
So take opportunities
And learn to make choices
Or it might lead to…

Broken promises
Broken hearts
Broken dreams

I might as well use a dart
So it’s less painful

Wish I had a crystal ball
But foresight's more realistic
Or maybe
I could just learn to be more optimistic?

This rambling probably doesn’t make sense
But it will to you
Cus you’re my rock
My ear
My friend

I recognize I’m not alone
Cus you’re by my side
There to listen to every tale
Of woe, excitement, confusion or joy

So I take this chance to say
Thanks for listening to me
Being there for me
And not letting the world close in on me

A friend like you is hard to come by
Let’s hope you never have to say goodbye

The author's comments:
This poem is inspired a little by all my friends, but especially one amazing friend who's always, always there for me.

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