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Last Look

February 5, 2012
By bullen.matt BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
bullen.matt BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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"You don't have to win to be the champion, you just have to work your best."

You stare as you lay on the white canvas, knowing that your last breath is to come soon, begging for the man above for one last chance, but there is no answer, you're alone, hearing the intimate beeping, the water drip, like a booming splash at a time for every second, persuasive that this will be your last few minutes alone, until that one person walks in and looks at you with joyous, sulking eyes, the tears like the waterfalls, the eyes in bitter sorrow, comes and stands by you for your last moments in the world that is soon to be gone, that person, squeezes your hand with such mourn, solemn taking you bit by bit, and the only thing that you know, is that the person that stands over you, was there for you your whole life, and stands over you for your last bit, knowing, that this is the last look, before life takes yours into another.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because it explains that you should spend the time with the person that has been there for your whole life. Because you might blink and regret what you haven't done, for all of those years.

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