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Someone New

February 3, 2012
By Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
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live today as if it was your last with every possible moment, and
live it up, drink it down, party hard

what is it like
to think you better then someone else
not be a new kid, or different skin color
do you honestly say your better then someone
do you remember saying that one girl was fat?
or that someone liked someone they didn't
how about that gay kid kissing that boy[same sex]
member starting to turn everyone against someone
just because they liked someone you had
do you remember the tears you shed because someone called you fat
or how about the remarks made that wasn't true
how about the bully picking on your best friend
did you even stand up to him/her?
or did you join
i want you to do something a teacher taught me
take a piece of paper
crumble it up
make fun of it
stomp on it
and call it names
now i want you to take it and flatten it out
nice and smooth
see all the scars left behind they can't forget but can forgive
this is every time you make fun of someone
calling them names
stealing something personal
telling things they told you in private
beating someone up
this is only a small list
your judging someone
you simply might not know
so why not stop and become friends
don't judge a tree by its size
or a couch by its feel
or a book by its cover
for the tree can be easy to climb on and have fun in,
the couch could hold dearest memories
and the pages could be interesting
so live it up in pride and joy
not stories and anger

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