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Attracted to the Damned

January 17, 2012
By Evilgummysattack GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
Evilgummysattack GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
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Feel me die slowly as these crys hold me.
I am bound forever in these chains.
I must work, I must fix for these emotions cannot mix.
I will ease the pain, just call my name.
In the night I will sneak in, taking the children, large and thin.
My voice is of denial for those who are desperately suicidal.
I am a knife, I am a gun, I am a word.
Use me as you please, death is such a tease.
Make me into something more then hate.
You may own me but surely I pull these strings and I always strike taking more then what I give.
If I do not control, then who am I?
If I do not command I might as well die.
Your strength is what makes you so weak.
I have a soft side,
It shows as I take your life.
I have a soft side and it's what makes me feed on strife.
Save me before I try to save another.

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