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Just Blue

February 15, 2012
By Einstein SILVER, Monmouth, New Jersey
Einstein SILVER, Monmouth, New Jersey
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I feel blue today;
not sad,
just blue.

I am not depressed
or in mourning.
My cheeks are dry,
a rosy Red; and still
I feel blue.

Not the kind of “blew”
that ruffles my hair,
or tames the burning
heat and chills the frigid cold.

It is the not the color
of the ocean or sky,
nor his or her eyes.

The kind of blue
that I cannot describe,
only feel, taste, smell,
and understand.

There is nothing wrong with me,
but the more I speak,
the bluer I feel.

I wish I could be Red,
like fire, like love,
like anger.
Red is passion;
Red is life.

But today,
I am chilled to the frosty
cool and soothing peace
of blue.

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