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bull shit mask

March 2, 2012
By bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
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sitting here thinking of all the times weve had not shure what to do i wonder why i get this feeling of uslessness when im around you i feel worthless i cant help but

think and dwell on it and then i think about and i wonder why am i just anouther one of your projects of people you need to solve you think your superman spiderman but im sorry your not to me you are my saver my loved one one i shall always treashure but while you try to save the world ill try to stand by your side to suport you now i know thats not true i let you go cus acording to you you were fine always fine never needed me no you never needed me i broke it off wanted to try again when you miht have needed me but you pushed me away so i went i left you to your self to save the world maby youll be some one elces superman but i hope you know i still think about you every day your still in my heart and minde it hurts to see you down hurts to see you sad you lie and say your fine i say i can see behinde your mask you say bullshit mask i got ride of mine long ago im not going to fight im tired of fighiting i dont want you to help me any longer beacus that tight rope that im on the one i wanted you to help me off you dident come you stood off to the side tryed to talk me down you dident come get me so i turned away i know now that thats all you wanted was to talk me down just like you try to talk everybody down and thats why i turned a way so you could help some one elce and i jumped landing down below my heart broke after that fall but im still here im makeing my way back to the tope meeting friends i havent talked to in a wile as i pass the windows i still look to see you there you look sad but your also trying to talk some one down frome there tight rope and i know i will miss you i alredy do but now im close to the tope taking a breck sitting here on the stairs almost to the top im thinking of all the times weve had not shure what to do except that i must try and move on i may need help from my friends i wish you were here cus i havent talked to them in so long and i need that hand reached out to help me and i see some come slowly to help me up but its not the same

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