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I wish you well, you wish I might

March 15, 2012
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No one prays, only hopes
No one forgives, only copes.
I wish you well, you wish I might,
Forgive and love you for another night.

The world it spins, the sun it stays
The people are mute, the songbird strays
To melodies, which no harmonies possess
To have to hold, and to caress

The animals eat, the plants absorb
We eat all upon this vastly orb
The sun’s sweet kisses, the bear’s sharp teeth
A nicer man I never did meet

You wish me well, I wish you might
Forgive and love me for another night.
The sky is clear, the stars are out.
Yet worry clouds my mind in doubt.

Sing to me, oh handsome one
With harmony from a songbird gone,
We wish us well, Us wish we might
Forgive and love for one last night.

The author's comments:
Another poem derived from my greatest inspiration...boredom. Please comment!!

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