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March 13, 2012
By Kai17 GOLD, Spokane, Washington
Kai17 GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Where to, Miss?"
"To the stars."

The most noticeable thing
After the carnage
Was the absolute silence
Before the shooting started

A thick, buzzing drone fills the air
Bulky manmade invaders
Ready to extinguish the lives
Of the night’s protectors

Laser sights find their targets
And fire explodes through the air
Taking out all in its path
Shot after shot is taken
Barely audible amidst the crackly laughter
Spewing from the various pilots

Sunlight reveals a lone wolf
Wandering among her fallen
Lifting her head
She cries out for justice that she knows
Will never come

Red spot blooming on her snowy fur
She falls
The last victim
In a pointless war

The author's comments:
I've been researching illegal wolf hunts and the attempts to legalize such hunts. Need I say more?

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